Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Christopher turns 5!!!

Christopher had a really fun birthday this year that involved no fewer than 4 birthday parties.  He had an early birthday party in St. George while all of the family was together.  He got a rubber band gun from grandma and grandpa.  On the Saturday before his birthday he invited some of his friends to go with him to go sledding at the park with his Dad.  That night Chris opened up two of his presents, a wii game (kirby's epic yarn) and a new controller for the wii, so that he and Ayden could play it.  He got a fun card and money from his Idaho grandparents.  The day of his actual birthday was a Sunday so we had a small party that evening with cupcakes and Chris opened the rest of his presents.  He got some Legos, a game (headbandz), and a pottery wheel.  

Night of Fun at Grandma's