Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christopher's Birthday!

The many faces of Tory

Tory always takes a little bit to really wake up from her afternoon nap.  The first photo is an example of her "grumpiness" and then all of a sudden, she will snap out of it and be totally happy!  Notice Chris trying to cajole her out of her crying.  :)

First Snow

In November we got a small snowstorm, and though there wasn't much snow, the kids were pretty excited.  Tory was especially thrilled and she got so excited and was grinning from ear to ear.  They immediately begged to go outside and play and Jared even dragged them around for a little bit on the sled.  Of course, since then, we have had 2 major snow storms and lots of playing in the snow...but no pictures of said events because we were too busy shoveling to take pictures!

Fall Leaves

Every year when Jared rakes up all of the leaves in the yard there is a giant pile and the kids all beg him to throw them in them.  This was Tory's first year to experience this, and while she absolutely loved the experience, she was not so keen to actually be in the leaves! 

Annual Thanksgiving Hike

Every year when we visit grandparents in St. George, we like to go on some time of exploration as a family.  We were blessed with super awesome weather and so we took a trip to see the Dinosaur tracks at Johnson Farm.  The drive out there was also eventful.  It is in the middle of nowhere, and to get there you have to drive on a bunch of unpaved roads and then through a patch of super fine sand.  We were driving the CRV and we still got stuck!  We hit a particularly bad hole, and everyone had to push us out!  After that, we decided that we could all fit into Grandpas 4-wheel drive truck! 
Grandma gave all of the kids a container of water which they poured over the tracks to see them better, but Chris decided that the plants needed water more and proceeded to give as many as he could a "drink."  Tory dumped most of it on her shirt.  :) 
We also made a quick stop to visit an old fort and then the next day we took a long hike up to the old quarry where they got the rocks for the base of the St. George Temple.  The kids kind of lost interest in that about half way there, so the hike back out was a little long for them.  Tory got a ride on Jared's shoulders, and Chris cried most of the way back!  He settled down a little bit when I gave him my sunglasses to wear.  Ayden had a blast and raced the whole way there and back with his cousins. 

Trip to Trafalga Fun Center

Idaho Trip September 2012

Ayden plays Soccer

Ayden chose soccer as his sport of choice this summer.  We signed up through the fitness center, and it was a non-competitive team.  This was a wise choice on our part as Ayden had more fun talking to other kids than actually learning to play!