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Friday, November 15, 2013

Cowabunga Bay

So I found these pictures on the other camera, and it was nice to remember when it was warm...when it has already snowed this year!  Jared's work hosted this party at Cowabunga Bay during the summer.  Tory was sick unfortunately, so she and I stayed home.  The boys, however, had a blast.  There was yummy food and treats and they went on the slides over and over again.  Fun times!

Ayden Gets Baptized!!

Ayden was baptized November 2, 2013.  It was a super special day.  Great Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, Angie and Brigham, Andrea, Quinn and Desiree came down to see it and some of Ayden's friends were able to come as well. 

Friday, November 8, 2013


Chris probably had the busiest Halloween this year.  He had three Halloween parties!  A friends birthday Halloween party, and 2 school parties.  There was a lot of candy involved.  :)  Ayden had a Halloween parade which Chris, Tory and I went to watch at his school and then a party that afternoon in his classroom.  That evening, we carved pumpkins and got ready to go trick-or-treating.  Ayden dressed as a "dark" cowboy (I guess he says he was the 'evil' one or something?) and Chris was a cowboy.  I was a witch, and Tory was my cat!  Jared dressed up as a "space cowboy" as an homage to what the boys were wearing...and they stole his guns, so what was he to do?  :)

We all went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, and then Tory and I went home to pass out candy and for Tory to binge on candy.  Jared took the boys around ward neighborhood where they amassed enough candy to keep us well stocked for the next millennium...or next week seeing how much candy they sneak every day.  :)  It was a fun Halloween. 

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Raspberry Picking Season

Tory thinks that raspberries taste best right off of the vine...

Paper swords

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Picnic at Neptune Park

It had been a while since we visited Neptune Park, so we packed up a picnic and headed over.  It was SUPER hot and I was melting, but it did not stop the kids from having a blast!  Chris and Ayden were having races up to the top of the pyramid, and exploring all of the other toys with some friends they made while we were there.  Tory loved the swings and spent most of her time on them, but she also checked out the slides and other toys there. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Arches 2013

             On the last day of our trip we decided to stop in Arches National park.  This was all of our first time visiting arches and it was a really spectacular sight to see all of the beautiful formations.  We got into Moab around 4 pm, and so we stopped at a large arch nearby and let the kids hike around for a bit.  We headed into town and stopped for dinner at The Blu Pig where we enjoyed some tasty barbecue.  We had a hotel reservation in a different town nearby, so we headed there after dinner.  Jared and the boys went swimming and then we all went to bed so we could get up early.
           The next morning, it was slightly overcast and we headed up to arches.  When we entered the park, it started to drizzle, and by the time we made it to balanced rock it was pouring!  We got out to see but the kids were a little underwhelmed and wet so we bundled into the car and headed for the North and South Windows and Double Arch.  By the time we found a parking space, the rain miraculously cleared up and we were able to hike all over. 
            The kids had a grand time and kept doing crazy things and jumping all over the place.  Tory discovered the sand and would cry anytime we took her away from digging in the sand to go see something else!  We spent most of our day hiking around Double Arch, but we also hiked up to see Delicate Arch from the viewpoint as we did not think our children would be up for the actual hike to see it!  The boys had brought their slingshots and had a grand time shooting rocks over the edges.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in the car, only stopping to take pictures at some of the viewpoints, and then headed over to Goblin Valley!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Four Corners Monument

          On our way home from the Reunion in Arkansas, we had a few extra days and so decided to take it home slowly and so we stopped in several fun places to see the sights around Utah.  One of those crazy things how if you live somewhere you don't go and see the places in your own state.  When we spent the summer in Ireland, we met so many natives who had never gone to see most of the things we made a concerted effort to go and visit...such as the blarney stone. 
            One of the places we stopped at was at four corners.  This is the only place in the United States where four states intersect at one point: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.  It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it was kind of off the beaten path.  It was super hot so we didn't spend more than an hour there...and there was a long line to take your picture at the actual four corners spot!  Most of our time was spent shopping and seeing all of the beautiful jewelry and crafts on sale by Navajo artisans.  I bought Tory a cute bracelet, and the boys chose slingshots shaped like a bison and a bear.  They had a great time playing with them the rest of the trip. 

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Victoria turns 2!

For Tory's birthday this year, we had a family party with Grandma and Grandpa.  We all went out to eat and the kids played in the play area.  We headed home for cupcakes and presents!  Tory got some clothes and toys and a book from her grandparents, and money and a card from her other grandparents.  We got her a cool dollhouse and I made doll furniture to go with it...a labor of love  !  :) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Home Evening

For FHE a few weeks ago we took a short trip to the Timpanogos Temple.  We had fun playing with the kids and talking about the Temple.  The kids had races up and down the grass in front of the temple and Chris and Ayden tried to jump around in the purple sleeping bag we brought to sit on.  It was a fun evening together. 

Chris Climbing at Park

Hike to Timpanogos Cave

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


For Easter the kids got a new swingset for the backyard.  They spend a lot of time hanging on it and playing pirate!  Tory LOVES the swings, but cannot get on them by herself, which she finds extremely frustrating.  But she is also happy to play on the slide. 


For doing a bunch of work for daddy around the house Jared fixed Ayden's bike which had popped tires and let Chris choose something fun to play at the store.  Chris ended up choosing a sports set which has a badminton net and rackets and birdie.  The boys have spent every day outside lately playing together and having tons of fun.  On Sunday the boys challenged Jared and I to a game, and we had a lot of fun together. 

The Boys Play Wii

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St. George Park


Plasma Cars


The kids are always dressing up in their superhero costumes, but the matching shirts and pants was just too amazing to pass up the photo-op!  :)

Hike at Grandma's House

In February this year, we made a weekend trip to St. George to visit my parents and soak up some sun.  The kids loved getting outside and hiking in the rocks.  Tory especially had a great time and loved discovering all of the little caves everywhere in the bigger rocks.  The boys always love finding rocks and throwing them and playing explorer!