Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tory and Toys

Tory loves playing with toys.  Sometimes when she has been very quiet for a while, I will discover her somewhere playing very contentedly with a toy.  She will spend quite a while with one particular toy and is super patient in trying to figure out how something works. 

Ayden takes swimming lessons

Ayden loves the water.  He had a blast taking swimming lessons this summer and he already thinks that he is absolutely proficient and very much protests having to wear a life jacket in the water anymore.  Every time we go to 7 peaks water park, he thinks it is outrageous that he still has to wear a life jacket!  =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chris plays Soccer!

Chris did a great job in Itty Bitty this summer.  He had a really great time and joined in with all of the other kids.  He actually prefered the obstacle courses the teachers would set up for them and playing "tiger in the basket" to playing the actual soccer games, but he had a really fun time. 

Tory's first Birthday

We technically had 2 parties for Tory for her birthday.  Her grandparents came a few days before her birthday and we went out to eat and had a fun party and opened gifts.  Tory loved her gifts and she also loved playing with the ribbons that came with her gifts!  She got to eat cake for the first time.  I made her chocolate cupcakes and she made quite a mess!  On the day of her actual birthday we went to 7 peaks water park.  Tory loves to play in the water and had a ball splashing around.

Sunday, July 8, 2012