Friday, March 18, 2011

Field Trip to Cabela's

Ayden had a field trip to Cabela's last week! I decided to go so Chris could come too. Ayden had a lot of fun. His favorite thing to do there is to shoot the guns. As I was taking pictures, someone hit one of the animals and it sprayed water at me! Ayden liked it when the animals got hit and they roared at him. He was very fascinated with the skunk, and kept talking afterwards about it and how far you need to be or it would spray you and "then you have to take a bath in tomato juice, mom!" It was lots of fun.

Friday, March 4, 2011 Water Table...AWESOME!

This morning we visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point. You would think that as many times as we have been there...3rd time in two months...they would be bored of it by now. They still had a blast, except Chris kept trying to rush us through everything so that we could play at the water table! Ayden would have been happy to spend the entire morning at the computers, but Chris was having none of it. He kept grabbing Ayden's arm trying to pull him towards more interesting things.