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This is the dress that Tory's Grandma Shaw gave her.
She looks so cute in it!

Halloween Pictures!

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Discovery Gateway Museum

Victoria hung out with me most of the time, but she got to sit in the helicopter with her brothers! She didn't seem very impressed.

Several weeks ago Jared went backbacking with his brother-in-law, and so my sister-in-law came to stay with us while they were gone. We had a lot of fun, and we even got up the energy to take the kids to Salt Lake to the Discovery Gateway Museum and a short trip to the planetarium.

We had been here before, but last time I forgot my camera so I got a lot of shots this time! Ayden found a little friend there, and they played for the longest time with the water feature. He also loved the big blocks and the helicopter.

Chris, however, was all over the place. He loved the carts for the store and kept filling it up with grocery's and then he wheeled them all over the place and deposited them in various locations. For instance, the car, the house, and the farm. It was quite a job following after him and trying to clean them up as he went!

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Chris and Tory

Chris absolutely adores Victoria. He is constantly coming up to her and giving her kisses and hugs. He is also very interested in holding her, although he gets bored of this rather quickly!

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RMI Reunion

Every July we go to a Marshall Island reunion where there are a lot of families with adopted Marshallese children. Ayden really loves it. He calls it "the place where there are other kids with skin like mine, mom!" This year everyone was excited about Victoria...the new baby. She was handed around a lot and much admired. The boys loved going on the slides, but Chris was a little nervous about going down by himself, so he mostly went down with Jared. Ayden has a few special friends there that he hangs around, and Chris just follows Ayden wherever he goes. It was a lot of fun. =)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dad and Tory

We had a family reunion last week and these are some pictures I caught of Jared and Tory. Unfortunately, Jared is sick this week. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that the baby and I do not catch it!!!

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Ayden took Itty Bitty Soccer this year. Chris was a little bit too young to "officially" join the team, but he mostly played anyway!

More 4th of July

On the 4th of July we took the kids to the Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden. Victoria slept through the entire thing, so I only have pictures of her slumped in her car seat fast asleep! The boys, on the other hand, had a ball. Especially Ayden. He found a friend at the water area, and they spent a lot of time chasing after another boy splashing water at each other. Chris mostly enjoyed sitting on the bench eating fruit snacks, but he and Jared had a fun time playing together as well.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Victoria with her Brothers!

Every morning bright and early the boys run into my bedroom and crowd around Tory's crib crying "Baby! Baby!" They like to sit on the bed with me while I feed her and "help." Ayden does a pretty good job, but Chris would ram the bottle down her throat if I didn't help him hold it! They are constantly crowding around Tory and giving her kisses and hugs. She is much loved by everyone!!!