Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For our ward Trunk-or-Treat this year I made two pumpkins.
This is the haunted house I carved. Chris is a Cheetah for Halloween this year. He looks super cute in it, but he wasn't too happy with the hood. He kept trying to pull it off.
Ayden went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat as a pirate again this year. This is him doing his 'scary pirate' face! All of the kids got up on a platform to show off their costumes, and when it was Ayden's turn he sauntered up to the edge of the platform and then jumped off while swinging his sword yelling "Aaaarggh..." It was so funny!
I didn't get a good picture of Christopher and Jared together because Chris was not very happy to have the cheetah hood on! He kept squirming to get it off. Jared is in his safari costume and he caught Christopher the Cheetah. =)
Ok, this is technically not a halloween picture, but it was right before the party, and Ayden was showing off his Robot Dance. Even Chris was getting into it and waving his arms. =)
This is my headless horseman pumpkin. It was a lot harder than
I thought it would be. I think I will stick to carving in the future...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Leaves

On Sunday we went for a drive up American Fork Canyon. The boys look sad in this picture, because we were making them sit still when they had been having fun exploring and throwing rocks in the water!

Choosing rocks to throw...

Daddy chasing after Chris!

Random Pictures

Ayden's first field trip in preschool was to the vineyard pumpkin patch. When we went to drop him off it was pouring!! I had Ayden dressed warm in a rain jacket, but when I went to pick him up afterwards he was soaking wet and his pants and shoes were covered in mud!! He had a blast though and he was very proud of the pumpkin he picked out.

We got the boys matching pajamas. I just couldn't resist. Ha ha!!

Christopher Walking

Christopher has been walking for about a month now, but he has been incredibly camera shy about walking in front of the camera. I was finally able to get this footage several days ago.

Ayden's 4th Birthday!!!

Ayden got an mp3 player for his birthday this year. We put all of his songs on it, which he likes listening to, but mostly he is interested in the 2 short games that came with it. He is going to have to wait a few years to get a Nintendo DS player I am afraid! He feels so grownup wandering around with the earplugs in.
This year Ayden wanted cupcakes instead of a cake and he wanted chocolate and he wanted a Halloween theme. He was very decisive!! =)
For Ayden's birthday this year he wanted to go to the zoo. We had never been to the Hogle Zoo before, so it was a lot of fun. They had a baby elephant and a baby giraffe there that were neat to see. Ayden's favorite part was trying to get wet in the Madagascar room.

Christopher's favorite thing was riding the Carousel. He thought that was pretty neat. He was all smiles. Ayden looks more like he is heading out on a safari or something! =)
It was fun to watch Chris. He was just so excited about the Carousel.
Chris and Ayden were almost exactly the right size of a baby and juvenile gorilla!