Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I know I am making a lot of new posts today, but so much has happened this month and I can't seem to find the time to post these pictures! So today is my marathon. =) About 2 weeks ago, Christopher started crawling! We were lucky to have the camera rolling during this momentuous moment!


My sister Cammie and her family and my parents all came up to Utah last week for Christopher's Temple sealing...which I need to get the pictures from my Dad of! While they were here, we did a lot of fun things, most notable of which was going to Lagoon. Jared and Mom took all of the kids and the camera around. Robby and Ayden had a lot of fun riding on the rides and playing in the fountain. Chris mostly hung out in his car seat, poor kid! Dad, Cam, Nick, Maryn, Jennica and I all went on all of the rides and we were there from the time they opened until they kicked us out when they closed. Jared and Mom are awesome about taking all of the kids around.

The RMI Reunion and Our Family Reunion

This is the group picture from the Marshall Island Adoption reunion this summer. Ayden sure had a blast running around with all of the other kids. This is the only time each year that it is hard to pick Ayden out of the crowd! Let's see if you can figure out which kid is Ayden and if you can spot Chris. =)
Riding in the golf cart was probably Ayden's favorite part of the RMI reunion!

Ayden's first pinata. When his oldest cousin Kyle finally managed to break it open, he didn't know quite what do. He saw all of the kids desperately lunging for the stuff on the ground and it only took a moment for it to register that it was candy that had fallen, and then instinct took over. =)

We all had a blast at Bear lake, but we didn't take very many pictures. This is how Ayden looked right before we went home. He and I spent most of our time playing in the sand building sand castles and waterways. Christopher was fascinated with the sand and even managed to eat a good handful of it. Jared mostly had fun trying to squirt all of the nephews with his big water gun. =)

Playing at the Park

Several weeks ago, Jared dusted off his remote control car and we all went to the park to try it out. Ayden had a blast and Christopher had fun trying to eat the wood chips. Christopher still doesn't enjoy going down the slides and Ayden's favorite thing to do is climb up the slides!