Monday, June 22, 2009

Pictures of the Boys!

Summer Fun!

We got a new kiddie pool for Ayden and Chris, and while Ayden loves it and has a blast playing in it, Christopher is happy to watch from a distance! He cried when I put him in the pool for the first time, and now whenever I put him even close to it he clings to me and starts crying! He is happiest sitting in his red chair chewing on blow-up toys and watching Ayden play.

The Adoption is Official!

On June 12 we officially adopted Christopher!!! We tried to get a picture with the judge, but wouldn't you know it, our camera didn't take the picture. But we did get this picture outside the courthouse!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the tasting begin!

"What is this stuff??!!!"

"I don't think I like it"

"I refuse to let you put any more of that PAP in my mouth!!!!!!"

We finally got the go-ahead from the doctor to
begin feeding Christopher solids!
I cannot wait to see what he thinks of other foods! =)

Doing some more scrapbooking!