Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Time!

last week was Ayden’s birthday. We had 2 parties for him; one so that my parent’s could be there, and one on his actual birthday. He got a CD player with a microphone from his Shaw grandparents, clothes from his Hughes grandparents, and we got him some bedding, some binoculars of his very own (now that he has already ruined ours!), and a cool rocket which he loves.

For his cake, I took him down the cake aisle and told him he could pick anything that he wanted. He chose the strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting with sprinkles. I asked him what color he wanted me to decorate his cake with, and he chose pink with blue candles. Hey, it is his birthday. He can have whatever color he wants! =)

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kk Leilani said...

Happy Birthday Ayden! What a cutie.