Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Family

Fun pictures

These are a few miscellaneous pictures that I thought were fun. The first is in the paint store…I was trying to keep Ayden entertained while Jared asked the salesperson some questions.

Next Ayden found the chocolate syrup bottle and went to town with it before I caught him! This is when our family hiked up to Stewart falls in Provo Canyon. Next was at a family party. I was washing the dishes, when I suddenly noticed that it was very quiet at the table! The last picture was taken at the RMI reunion we went to this summer.

Dinosaur Museum with Grandma and Grandpa

Ayden loves dinosaurs, and every time we pass the museum at Thanksgiving Point, he goes crazy making dinosaur sounds. During the summer, we went in with my parents. Ayden’s favorite thing was the water table where he played with the sand and plastic dinosaurs. He also had a blast running in and out of the tunnel. We watched the movie on the big screen, and Ayden thought that it was really neat, but a little scary.

Birthday Time!

last week was Ayden’s birthday. We had 2 parties for him; one so that my parent’s could be there, and one on his actual birthday. He got a CD player with a microphone from his Shaw grandparents, clothes from his Hughes grandparents, and we got him some bedding, some binoculars of his very own (now that he has already ruined ours!), and a cool rocket which he loves.

For his cake, I took him down the cake aisle and told him he could pick anything that he wanted. He chose the strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting with sprinkles. I asked him what color he wanted me to decorate his cake with, and he chose pink with blue candles. Hey, it is his birthday. He can have whatever color he wants! =)

Fall Leaves

Well, I am seriously behind the times. I caught the flu and was out of commission for a couple of weeks. Now Ayden has a cold, so I am going to try and update this before anything else happens!!! =)

Last week we went for a picnic up in American Fork Canyon. The fall leaves were so beautiful! We had a leaf fight and Jared, having the height advantage, tossed leaves all over my head which matriculated down my shirt and back and itched like crazy all of the way home. I tried to pay him back, but he just laughed at my futile efforts! Ayden got the most covered with leaves, but he had a blast showering mommy and daddy with handfuls of leaves. Ayden spent a good half hour throwing rocks and sticks into the water. I had to watch him pretty carefully so he didn’t throw himself in along with the rocks!